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S & J Bar Code Sdn Bhd offers a series of excellence printing quality labels and tags which are specially manufactured to complement the features of SATO printers. The labels and tags provided include Direct Thermal Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels, Synthetic Film Labels, as well as RFID Labels and Tags that can support a broad range of bar code printing applications in mild to harsh environment.

Customized Labeling Solutions
To be outstanding in providing total bar code solutions, S & J Bar Code Sdn Bhd also provides custom-made labeling solutions. Be it a special size, special adhesive or a special material, we are able to tailor your unique needs to ensure the optimum performance.

Pre-printed / Specially Designed Labels
S & J Bar Code Sdn Bhd also offers the pre-printing / special designing services for your labeling needs. S & J Bar Code Sdn Bhd is also able to help you when you require pre-printed information such as company logos or addresses or even corporate images.

S & J Bar Code Sdn Bhd offers a huge range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons which are continuously tested to ensure the maximum performance from your SATO printer and the longevity of your print head. The vast assortment of qualities ensures we have the solution to fit your application.

S & J Bar Code Sdn Bhd is the agent for most of the barcode ribbon brands in the market which include:
– Sony
– Ricoh, and etc.

Barcode ribbons come in three formula types: Resin, Wax/Resin, and Wax ribbons.

Resin ribbon is ideal for extreme conditions such as asset labeling due to the unique resistance to most solvents including alcohol, oils, fats, etc. It provides the most durable image currently available.

Wax/Resin ribbon is a general-purpose ribbon which contains some wax, thereby enabling it to be resistant to some solvents. This ribbon is typically used when some abrasion is possible or the ribbon is used on low-end synthetic films like polypropylene, Kimdura, polyolefin and vinyl.

Wax ribbon is ideal as a low-cost solution for relatively rougher media surface printing. It is typically used when printing on paper of barcode labels or tags.

Best of all, our Thermal Transfer Ribbons even come in a variety of colours to match your media application needs!